Being There for St. Margaret’s

Nurses have played their important role for assisting the many in need. There was a major change in the United States sometime after the industrial revolution. Before that period in time, there were families that would support the elderly relatives who could not take care of themselves any longer. In some cases, there were disabled as well as those who would need extra assistance. There have been major improvements for many of the people needing extra help since those days. With changes in modern medical providing, it is usually in the best interest for many to go to a nursing facility with their specialized care providers. In New Orleans, St. Margaret’s nursing facility has always been there for the assistance of those in need. There is an advantage of giving experienced quality healthcare to those who need to be there. Over the years St. Margaret’s adapted well to its higher demands from the community and for more quality care at their facilities. In late August 2005 the catastrophe known as Hurricane Katrina had destroyed most of New Orleans. The disaster was of epic proportions and St. Margaret’s was destroyed. It would be some time before the new facilities would be ready for assisting the needy again.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans

Bywater Hospital was the facility where St. Margaret’s residents would receive their assisted-living needs for some time before St. Margaret’s would reopen at a different site. In Bienville, the newly renovated Lindy Boggs Hospital would serve as its temporary home. Larry Stansberry New Orleans, is extremely proud to have been present every step of the way for the patients and occupants of see Margaret’s through the most trying times in New Orleans history.


Literature and Its Fine Moments

It is always great to take the time to sit back relax and enjoy a really good piece of literature. From time to time, it is always a great way to find a moment where you can escape from the everyday stresses of life. It is a great way to get away from the everyday regular routines. Finding a great book to read can take someone into the world where deep thought and reflection can take place. Sometimes books can also offer a way for one to envision and possess the ability to control the state of mind you are in while reading literature. This is seen as a great way of controlling your sleep as well. Many psychologists have found that by reading during conscious levels one can actually control their imagination in a direction where it seems best and at the same time taps a certain corner of the thought which cannot be done without direction. Books are a great way to captivate the imagination, specialist do make clear that when the mind is not being exercised to its greater capacities there are repercussions. Many specialists in psychology see that memory loss can become a major condition when the mind is not being exercised much like the muscle it is.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans
Larry Stansberry New Orleans

  Larry Stansberry New Orleans goes into explaining how it’s best to let the mind relax by reading versus having problems sleeping at night from bad thoughts or stress. The New Orleans native says this can carry deeply into the mood of a person if it becomes more like a pattern or habit.

How to Care for Elders

The intent of the St. Margaret’s at Mercy nursing facility, says Larry, is to make it feel more like an actual home that a hospital, something the elder appreciate. Larry says that he is passionate about caring for Elders, and as a Certified Eden Associate, he received three days of training in the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative. As he knows, the Eden Alternative is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Elders. Health care providers, the government, families, and Elders themselves are all engaged in elder care. Most of its residents live in apartment-like private rooms that are built around communal living space. The Eden Alternative dates back to the early 1990s and began in nursing homes.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans

Larry is a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator and a Certified Eden Associate. The Eden Alternative is a fresh take on Elder care, promoting a philosophy that says life is all about growth, no matter how old we get or what challenges we are presented with. This philosophy has since caught on, and expanded into all care settings, including home care and residential care, where residents live with different levels of ability. There are beds for 112 people at St. Margaret’s at Mercy, and they live in a uniquely designed nursing home.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans has been the Chief Executive Officer at St. Margaret’s at Mercy since 2001, and says that he feels blessed to be able to provide high-quality care to the poor of New Orleans.
He also feels blessed to be able to provide care to the elderly.

The Gleason House

For those with ALS, there is a specially-designed living space called the Team Gleason House, built for people with neuromuscular disorders such as ALS and MS. Larry describes it as an imaginative project that is meant to have the look and feel of a home, and not a nursing home. Larry has been the Chief Executive Officer of the St. He holds a Master of Health Care Administration degree from Tulane University.Senior Female Patient in Wheelchair & Doctor in HospitalMargaret’s served its residents at the former Bywater Hospital before completing construction on its new site at the old Lindy Boggs Hospital on Bienville in 2012. Its apartment-like rooms are built around communal living spaces that include a kitchen and a dining area. The first floor of the new facility has received a great deal of attention. The new facility occupies 115,000 square feet of the old hospital and provides a home to 112 Elders. Margaret’s was forced to rebuild.

Larry Stansberry of New Orleans was there for the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when its facilities were destroyed and, like so much of the Crescent City. He came to the health care provider Margaret’s in 2001 and turned the system around. It is with the help of a project of the Gleason Foundation, started by former New Orleans Saint football player Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. “My business intends to provide excellent health care to all, including the poor, frail and elderly,” says Larry, and he has done so with his system for over fifteen years now.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans: Health Benefits of Walking

Larry Stansberry of New Orleans puts in long hours as the Chief Executive Officer of St. Margaret’s at Mercy, where he has worked since 2001. When he gets some time off of work he likes spending it with his family, following the ups and downs of the New Orleans Saints, and enjoying the occasional cigar.

He also likes to take long walks, and has learned that walking is one of the best exercises there is. Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment beyond a good pair of walking shoes. And it doesn’t cost anything to participate, can be done almost anywhere, and enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans (2)And it’s healthy. As Larry Stansberry of New Orleans knows, regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, and increase the levels of good cholesterol. And it has been shown to help keep blood pressure in check.

Regular walking has some additional, unexpected health benefits, too, such as helping to prevent dementia. Dementia is a serious health problem that affects one in every six people over the age of eighty. But as Larry Stansberry New Orleans knows, being active has a positive, protective effect on brain function. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of dementia by as much as forty percent. Walking six miles or more each week could help to avoid brain shrinkage, thereby preserving memory as the years go by.

Finally, walking can stimulate and strengthen bones, leading to better bone density. And that can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. And if all of that weren’t enough, as Larry Stansberry of New Orleans knows, regular walking can boost your mood and sense of well being, making you happier.