Being There for St. Margaret’s

Nurses have played their important role for assisting the many in need. There was a major change in the United States sometime after the industrial revolution. Before that period in time, there were families that would support the elderly relatives who could not take care of themselves any longer. In some cases, there were disabled as well as those who would need extra assistance. There have been major improvements for many of the people needing extra help since those days. With changes in modern medical providing, it is usually in the best interest for many to go to a nursing facility with their specialized care providers. In New Orleans, St. Margaret’s nursing facility has always been there for the assistance of those in need. There is an advantage of giving experienced quality healthcare to those who need to be there. Over the years St. Margaret’s adapted well to its higher demands from the community and for more quality care at their facilities. In late August 2005 the catastrophe known as Hurricane Katrina had destroyed most of New Orleans. The disaster was of epic proportions and St. Margaret’s was destroyed. It would be some time before the new facilities would be ready for assisting the needy again.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans

Bywater Hospital was the facility where St. Margaret’s residents would receive their assisted-living needs for some time before St. Margaret’s would reopen at a different site. In Bienville, the newly renovated Lindy Boggs Hospital would serve as its temporary home. Larry Stansberry New Orleans, is extremely proud to have been present every step of the way for the patients and occupants of see Margaret’s through the most trying times in New Orleans history.