How to Care for Elders

The intent of the St. Margaret’s at Mercy nursing facility, says Larry, is to make it feel more like an actual home that a hospital, something the elder appreciate. Larry says that he is passionate about caring for Elders, and as a Certified Eden Associate, he received three days of training in the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative. As he knows, the Eden Alternative is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Elders. Health care providers, the government, families, and Elders themselves are all engaged in elder care. Most of its residents live in apartment-like private rooms that are built around communal living space. The Eden Alternative dates back to the early 1990s and began in nursing homes.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans

Larry is a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator and a Certified Eden Associate. The Eden Alternative is a fresh take on Elder care, promoting a philosophy that says life is all about growth, no matter how old we get or what challenges we are presented with. This philosophy has since caught on, and expanded into all care settings, including home care and residential care, where residents live with different levels of ability. There are beds for 112 people at St. Margaret’s at Mercy, and they live in a uniquely designed nursing home.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans has been the Chief Executive Officer at St. Margaret’s at Mercy since 2001, and says that he feels blessed to be able to provide high-quality care to the poor of New Orleans.
He also feels blessed to be able to provide care to the elderly.


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